Day 28

'Just as we are all born at the perfect moment for us to enter this earth, there is a perfect moment for us to leave this earth. '

Death meets a servant in the market and announces to him that in three days he will come and take him away. As soon as Death disappears, he starts running as soon as possible and as far as possible, he can go to a distant place and avoid Death. For three days and three nights without stopping, he travels to escape from Death, he runs, and runs, and runs. At last he arrives, and feeling safer and far enough away, see a nice garden and stops to take a rest Right there he is greatly astonished to find Death again. Death, coming slowly towards him , says: ‘I was so surprised to find you at the market three days ago, in that distant town, because I was supposed to meet you here today and take you away from here.”

We cannot escape from our destiny and we cannot avoid death. Why are we running so much? Why do we resist death? It is an unconscious hidden regret because we feel that our possibilities to love have not been totally accomplished? We could have given more, we could have loved more. Let us be impatient toward our life.'

-– Paraphrased from Vanda Scaravelli ‘Awakening the Spine’

Lately, I've learned to be impatient, to love more, give more. Be brave &bold & bad-ass. (Favorite words that start with 'B') To stop running away.

In that way, I can live deeply. #TommyTinkerForever #captureyourgrief#whathealsyourheart #whathealsyou #livebodly #love #lovedeeply #death#peace