After a couple of years making calendars, I thought for 2020 I could step it up a notch and so, I DID!
The picture here is actually only the proof (the final product as a golden ring!!!!) buuuuttttttt
I just couldn't contain myself any longer.... I'VE MADE A SHE QUEST 2020 PLANNER!!!

It’s quite simple. I wanted to create a SHE QUEST 2020 Planner that would move you, inspire you and create fireworks in your chest!

I wanted for you to look at your weeks and months at a glance in terms of appointments and coffee dates but we all know life is so much MORE than this. For this, I have filled this planner with self-inquiry questions and mini creative tasks given to you throughout the months!! In that way, you can pin point blocks and fears that shows up!

Self-awareness and presence is key in living a magic life.
EXTRA's includes space to write down your gratitude and insights on full and new moons.

PLUS....step by step to personal guide to setting your WORD for the year-a ritual that has revolutionized the way I act in order to feel the way I want to feel. Basically, my hope is for this planner to amplify the MAGIC of your year!!! Make it EPIC.


I wanted to create a planner so beautiful and striking that you don’t want to change it next year-


I hope that this new 2020 planner for soulful women (and soulful teens!!!) is a guide in connecting you with your innate talents, radiance and creativity.

Now, because quantities are limited (SOLD 50 % of my stock already with my newsletter list!! Wow!). Don't wait (I am talking to you last minute Xmas shopper!!). This is a seasonal product. Once they are gone. They are GONE.
This is why this planner is ready to


AND for a limited time. Shipping in Canada is only 5$

I want to reiterate how lucky I find myself to be.
Thank you thank you thank you for supporting LOCAL ARTISTS this holiday season.
In gratitude, always.

E. ⭐️


Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 11.42.43 AM.png

✨To think this boy picked me. He had the menu in front of him- billions of stars laid out in the cosmos!! His bright shooting star order said- I would like THIS dad please and thank you and I would like THIS mom please and thank you.

Billions of others, perhaps galaxies chuck full, but it was our fam jam he chose to learn with and play with- experience life’s tragedies with. What a CONTRACT. And oh (!!!) how have we expanded because hello propellers of growth through loss and love.

Mothers are magic, but little boys are magic too!! Yours in the sacredness of time and long sunset beach walks, always.

E ⭐️

Support Local Art This Holiday Season 🎄

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 11.38.08 AM.png

Eeeeekk!!!! 💕👏🏻🦄🌸💕 Dropped a MAJOR love 💣 bomb in my Newsletter this morning !!!!!!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Did you get it !?!?! It’s quite simple, I wanted to create something that would move you, inspire you and create fireworks in your chest !!! Something that makes you want to twirl... like this! I wanted to created something so beautiful and striking, that you didn’t want to change it next year or ever!! THE MOST PRACTICAL and SOULFUL piece of ART YOU’D EVER OWN!!! Something for soulful women AND soulful teens, too!
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Yours in in supporting local artist this holiday season,
E ⭐️

The Latest In BLOOM!

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 11.21.46 AM.png

How white does my hair look here 😭
It would appear that my white patch of hair from last Spring as turn in a full blown grey/white hair party. I got caught way off guard when I saw this. Gulp. Fuck. 😳

I am posting it anyways because I can’t be bothered or ashamed about slacking on my roots retouch appointments. This is me. This is me today.
In the midst of my grey hair crisis, I love that I am holding my newest BLOOM since I’ve always thought of this collection as a rebellion against what a real flower should look like. Perhaps not so contained, not so agreeable, neon-bright loud coloration and always and forever about shifts, changed and renewal. 🤔

Sounds like womanhood to me.

So today, am embracing the changes. Oh, hey 👋 white hair, how wise you look 😂. The urgency of life is not lost when I see you. Yes, when I look at you I am scared dammit and at the same time, I am gratefully in awe.
It’s always a good time to express something personal, provocative and passionate- when you do- the artist within revels. Your heart revolts. BAM 💥

Yours in embracing yours fears and painting them in flowers, always. E ⭐️

PS, if you want to see this little piece of MAGIC in your home, click here!!!

Check out more of my Bloom Collection.

SHE Quest Podcast feat. The Late, Great Hannah Thomson ⭐️

One month before her passing, Hannah Thomson agreed to do her first podcast interview. As a professional photographer in New York for Vogue, Vanity Fair and other high-profile clients, her real passion has always been portraiture.


Vanity fair honoured Hannah in a recent article - a must-read!

In this episode, Hannah shares with us how art has shaped her life and career from her university years to now, how she’s worked her butt off but ultimately how she’s learned to prioritize time for her dreams. She also shares her most favourite self-exploration tool for personal growth: breathwork and cooking!

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 1.59.00 PM.png

see the light.

Hannah was coping with end-of-life Stage 4 Breast Cancer at the time of the interview, she had been battling the disease for 8 years, with a 3-year remission. Hannah’s outlook on life and mantra “SEE THE LIGHT” is moving, generous and important.

Check out episode 10 of the SHE Quest Podcast - listen and be moved.


Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 12.28.28 PM.png

Playful & informative.
Meditative & rejuvenating.
Activate your vitality and find the yogi, artist & magician within.

Yoga • Art • Magic is is the name for my signature mindful vinyasa class that’s only offered at @dartmouthyogacentre Wednesdays at 6:30 pm. In this class, explore the connection between body, mind, breath using a combination of visual imagery (art) and meditative practice in action (mantras, mudras, pranams) .

Using traditional asana and exploratory movement to cultivate the quality of curiosity and breath in flow. Expect yoga movement and creative flow session that is open to all level.

New session start THIS Wednesday ⚡️

Yours in yoga, art & magic, always.
E ⭐️


Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 12.24.06 PM.png

The year one of my little boys was Superman and the other littlest boy was a Football #tommytinkerforever . Facebook flashback memories love/ hate relationship continues. Meh.

And then I am reminded that falling apart on Halloween or any other day is not such a bad thing. That its absolutely essential for expansion and transformation.

Today I am reminded to be ever more present with my broken heart. I don’t have to be positive or negative today. But what I can do is show up in my capacity to love. And gosh do I love this memory! I love that I was obsessively taking pictures of everything during this time, and I love love love that facebook reminded me of what I’ve lost because in it is also what I have gained.

In my heart: radical courage and deep knowing of my hearts purpose.
Take THAT Facebook triggering memory.
Love you in “booh!” and sweets memories, always.
E ⭐️

One E⭐️ Painting A Day!

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 12.16.28 PM.png

Oh hey 👋 its me, your creative muse fairy, founder of SHE QUEST and maker of beautiful things 🧚🏼‍♀️

E ⭐️

Beret season is definitely in to stay in Nova Scotia and also kinda of my favourite. Am a suckers for cold sunny walks and big fluffy coats, preferably with my two dogs (edgar, here!!) and my 8 year old son Isaiah & hubby Scott. If your new here...... are you excited to be !?!?!? I hope so because am excited to have YOU 👊🏼

It’s my mission to share on here what moves me. Usually it’s a form of self-expression, beauty and powerful words too.

When am not teaching yoga or mothering said kids or dogs, I create empowering podcasts, paint fine art commission piece, connect with my sisterhood community. I also record yoga and art classes content for my streaming site. Never once I thought I would end up mentoring women embody their greatest gifts. I do it through self-healing tools such as breathing exercises, art-making, shaking &dancing, journaling ... did I say art & yoga !!? Bahahaha.

I am hooked. Been hooked for a decade now. Five years ago, I lost my son #tommytinkerforever and I share about this too. I think of this work as grief activism and soul work. Which brings me back to beret and fall walks and how alive they make me feel. Today I walked with all that is unresolved in my heart- whats heavy. I let the season of death and falling leaves and cold grounds in me. I know with certainty that its in that same place that I find joy and expansion and release 🦋

Welcome to my sacred world of expression 😘
Love you!
E ⭐️

Ps: started #oneestarpaintingaday on and if you love good art deals, you won’t want to miss tomorrow painting since today’s sold already xoxo

PPS… Find more E⭐️pieces in my art shop!!

How Deeply Have You Met Yourself?

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 12.08.49 PM.png

Dear E ⭐️

You can trust me with your life. I will never let you down. You can trust me, girl! I will hold your heart and what’s in it. I will hold your sadness and your secrets. I will hold you in my arms. You can trust me! I will rock you and hold you and tell you it’s going to be OK.

You can trust me with your life. Better, yet- I love you unconditionally. I even love what you despise about yourself the most. You can trust me to take care of your feet, hands, lungs, skin. You can trust me. Do you believe me yet? I give you permission to relax into the magnificent unfolding of mystery.

Oh and before I forget, you can trust me with enchantment, wonder and awe. Sparkly eyes.
Looking up.
You go girl!
High five 🖐🏻 , you’re amazing.
Love you in loving every moments, always
And TRUST... ouf, that’s a biggie!


Interested in finding a deeper connection with your own soul? Check out my SHE Quest Membership and join our community in embracing transformation!


It’s puzzling that I find myself in so much resistance around doing what I love or going to events I truly and deeply need. For example, paying almost 500$ to go see Elizabeth Gilbert (a bucket list dream workshop!) and on the day of I've suddenly talked myself into staying home cozy eating pizza and watching Outlander re-runs. I witness these train of thoughts with fascination now. One of my teachers calls it the “predator” wanting to keep me small and safe. Deep down I know that going to see Liz Gilbert would widen my lens on my life and it’s scary to know I could expand into more light that I already am.

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 11.53.58 AM.png

A favourite poet of mine, Mark Nepo, speaks about the art of facing things as “turning the belly of your heart towards the day”.

Isn’t this beautiful? He links with the image of the salmon swimming up the river’s currents and waterfalls. I’m sure you’ve seen the sight on the nature channel. From a distance, it seems the salmon are fighting the current, awkwardly jumping up into a force that hits them back down brutally. But what nature and seekers know, is that the salmon as never been more in sync with life then at the moment when they leap.

I love the image of the salmon, because it’s technique in swimming upstream is to turn their underside up, and they do this though small act of bravery over and over again. I love that the salmon refuses to shut down, refuse to turn back down the river. It turns its heart and belly up repeatedly towards the vulnerable task at hand of rising higher, shining brighter.

Now, every time I find myself in front of this most mysterious paradox. I think of my fishies and their faith in leaning into resistance. Obviously, it’s important to discern our needs, for example my predators voice vs. my body asking for rest etc. But to leaps has been the way forward for me in all thing’s creativity, grief, yoga and well- you know it… in life.

Soul Sunday is HAPPENING December 1st at the Halifax Public Library!!! Good news is that this event is $99! Bad news is that your predator might show up in form of lame excuses, mom guilt and the likes.

Belly up fishies! Jump high! You’ve never been more in sync.

💋 E ⭐️

SHE Quest Podcast: How Saying you're not creative is B@#%SHIT!


This HAS to be my most PASSIONATE episode yet on the SHE Quest Podcast - probably because I am reiterating one of my deep, deep truths, and that is:


We NEED to remember that as humans we naturally make things and it is our birthright.

We need more leaders (parents, communities, schools, hospitals, etc.) to take a stand in helping women reclaim their power, bodies, beauty, voice and art.

Expect inspiration, one grounding technique, poetry and a personal favourite mantra. Listen NOW!

estelle -shinebright (1).png

The Highest Kind Of Love

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 11.51.55 PM.png

Tonight, I would like for us to think of each of our candles 🕯 as a gust of our children’s breath. Together, we ride high the ocean of grief and make a wave with light around the world. This really symbolizes our commitment to continue to love our children.

You know, technically Tommy isn’t with us. But his spirit, his soul, his joy, his imagination and most importantly his gust of breath and will to live is imprinted in all of our hearts. I see it as a sparkle in my families eyes, and all of your eyes right now. For me, that’s the highest kind of love.

With you in life & loss and



Can't Wait To Double High-Five Liz Gilbert! 🦋

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 1.22.06 PM.png

@elizabeth_gilbert_writer is in my wee Maritime city!!!!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Here’s to all the movers & shakers.
Here’s to soul connection & communal support.
Here’s to learning & expanding.
Here’s is to not living by the rules, by the books , by the man.
Here’s to believing your a creative badass rockstar.

Putting on my wings. NOW.
Cant wait to double high-five you Liz!!!!!!
Eeeeeek 🦋

Love you in breaking rules and seeing things differently, always!!

E ⭐️

Welcome To My Yoga Video Streaming Site!!!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 1.17.38 PM.png

OMG!!!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️Welcome to my yoga video streaming site!!! I now have a YOGA CHANNEL for only 17$/ month where you can practice with me anywhere! Anytime! Any place!

Need help with basic physical yoga skills? Got yo back! 👊🏼

Wanna dive into deeper spiritual realm!? Great. Got that too.👊🏼

Yoga for Grief Relief and tough transitions. Yes, it’s ALL there! I’ve got new classes and program available twice monthly so you are sure to unfold in new ways.

Yours in yoga magic, always.

E ⭐️

"Is This Really How I Sound??" 😳

🎶 As a way to increase connectivity, I love to sing with my yoga classes & retreats simple mantras. Not gonna lie - kids are way easier to sing with than adults!

Kiddos haven’t yet build walls around their voices yet. They haven’t been told they are out of tune or screech. They haven’t felt unsafe singing out loud yet. They haven’t heard themselves on a voicemail and been like:

“is this really how I sound!?!?“ 😳

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 1.13.08 PM.png

But I ask you: How else will you find your voice if you don’t hear your voice? If you’re not taught to listen to it. To hear it’s “hum” .

At the deepest places of us, we’re molecules, waveform and vibrations. To sing out loud release negativity, enhances vitality that which I call your SPARK ⚡️, your aliveness and FYI the vibration of you!

I once read our soul is contained in the voice. Think about it. Your voice : intimate, generous, and emote individuality. In my own singing mantra practice, I’ve noticed the subtle shift that my chanting creates, leaving me feeling uplifted, yet calm. What favourite mantra do YOU sing to!? Let me know in the comments below!

Yours in singing your little heart out, always.

E ⭐️