October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month


💛I had two little boys. One was born at 40 weeks, 2 days and the other one at 26 weeks, 5 days of gestation. My first pregnancy was textbook perfect. My second ended in an emergency crash C-section with a baby like a squirrel +a 3 months NICU stay +a body cut-up, bruised. In an instant, my future chattered, the way my life “should” have been robbed. I didn’t know babies could even die, in movie’s they did- but not in real life and certainly not MY life.

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. As a Prenatal/Post-natal yoga teacher and grief activist, I’ve made it my life’s work to talk about the stuff nobody talks about. Where there is LIFE there is DEATH and both are terrifying and natural, dangerous and fleeting. Can we stop denying these stories to be told, or WORSE YET say nothing. We need to find more opportunities, outside of the therapy rooms (because therapy is NOT enough!!!) to tell our stories, move with sorrows, and breath together.

Prenatal/Post-Natal Yoga Teachers- make sacred circles with your students at the beginning of each class. If yoga is connecting, integrating, welcoming-in life - this doesn’t exclude each other’s (!!). The whole point of doing yoga is being okay with what’s uncomfortable. Motherhood -whether you are bereaved or not- is difficult, period. If saying ‘hi’ to your fellow yogi’s before breathing together in the same room is uncomfortable or difficult or weird or awkward for you then it’s an indication to do more of it!! Instead of using yoga to check-out of real life, use it to check-in. Check-in not only in “light & love” but in “dark & fears” too.

If our yoga community doesn’t step up to the needs of human today. Who will? That’s not only being trauma-informed. That’s being human-informed.

Love you in bellies, babies and voicing what you believe in always.

E. ⭐️
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Loud, Messy, Sticky, CHAOS

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 11.18.47 PM.png

The real yoga starts when it’s loud, its messy, its sticky, it’s chaos.

Real yoga is every minute unpredicted, not scheduled, stops and starts, uncomfortable, awkward, grumpy, fussy, smells like poop.

Real yoga starts when you show up ANYWAY and despite of all the barriers that could have STOPPED you for not showing up to that split second of aliveness, bliss, expansion, anchoring you’re craving and needing so badly.

You show up when your late, you show up when you feel down in the dumps negative, you show up, you show up, you show up.

Real yoga is not hiding, not faking, not censoring!!! It’s being in a seas of wails & cries and not reacting. Actively waiting with my best allie: BREATH. What a super power yogi parents have!

Job love on a WEDNESDAY, always.
And a lil’ preachin’ too!!! 😉

Love you in babies, bellies & magic- ALWAYS
E ⭐️

"See the light."

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 11.07.08 PM.png

Vanity Fair gave the most incredible tribute to my sister-in-law Hannah. Please read it!! Please share it. Please love the life you are in!!! Hannah did.

She worked her butt & brains off, and she loved the humans in her ocean fiercely. How lucky was I to know even just a sliver of that capacity to love. Making dreams out of pictures, following her obsessions. And caring. Hannah cared the most. I loved this segment best.

“If you were looking, you might spot her darting around the room, usually in black slacks and an elegant jacket, lifting her camera with one hand and a light in the other, snapping a photo and then smiling with quiet thanks before moving on. She always sought the best in others. It’s what made her a terrific photographer and a compassionate human.”

A million thanks for capturing my sister so accurately & poignantly @rdwilliams .

If I close my eyes, I see her just so

Love you in - as per Hannah- seeing the LIGHT, always

E ⭐️

Vulnerability is something to cherish.

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 11.01.01 PM.png

✨ “We must emphasize that vulnerability is something to cherish. It nourishes our humanness; it stops us from becoming robots- unable to feel, know ourselves and love. Vulnerability is a doorway into your soul, the key to finding what truly lights you up. It’s the means that allows you to be blessed by beauty, bliss, wonder and all those glorious feeling that makes life worth living.”

~Alexandra Pope.

Yours in feeling life, always.

E ⭐️

My girl @jessieredmondphoto snaps the sunset right.

To rise with butterflies.

Jessie Redmond Photography

Jessie Redmond Photography

I close my eye. I dance. I collapse. I turn over in the sand. I jump in ocean to wash the sand. My heart is shut. I’m so angry I could scream. I scream. I run. I twirl.  My heart re-opens. I lie in the earth desperate for things to be different. Why did this have to happen? Why does my life have to look like this? I resist change. I procrastinate. I wake up in the middle of the night anxious, alone, restless. I make good hearty soup. I eat junk. I want to be with people. I want to be alone. I ask the universe for signs. I don’t see anything. C’mon universe! I get shook up by a book, a friend, a teacher. I still see nothing. Ok, fine I’ll wait. I’ll rest. I’ll walk. I’ll create. I create. I create. I create. I can see now. I see everything. My heart re-opens. I am here. I show up. I serve. I breathe new life. I never stop hoping and dreaming and desiring. Growing. Butterflying.

Slowly, I take the permission slip to live my life my way.

I step into my grief project, my love project.

I am grounded. I root, rock and sway.

I ignite, burn and combust to rise with butterflies.

They’ve taught me so much.

That to cocoon, morph and metamorphose is crucial

Then and only then will I take my formidable flight.

I want to embody my life. Stop the by-pass.

Hold the good memories and the tragedies.

With grace. With ease.


Okay fine.

I make a pack.

To lead it with love.

To lead it with truth.

Yours in what it means to love & grieve, always.

E. xo

I start another round of the Love Project Workshop Sept. 28. knowing with deep conviction that just like the butterfly: rebirth and release is there in all forms. This is small group workshops, please sign-up through ON THE MAT Yoga Studio today.

★ Spiritual Fashion Workshop + Sale

Jessie Redmond Photography

Jessie Redmond Photography

“Personal Style comes from within. It's when the woman, her individuality and spirit come through. She uses clothes to express who she is and how she feels.”
- Donna Karan

Spiritual Fashion, what? Clothes is a material thing, right? Now that’s a back handed offering if I’ve ever seen one! *Loud Buzzing Sound* Think again.

You wear clothes every day of your life. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday… Sunday : You were clothes! You wake up, look at your closet and you choose something to put on your body. What you choose to wear has repercussion on your body, mind, spirit ( i.e: YOUR WELL-BEING) for: all day!

Your relationship with clothing is quite personal and intimate. What you wear carries something of your personality and essence. You dress practically for your work, dressy to go out, sporty for exercise. Your clothing determines the first impression you give others. It speaks about you and you spirit before you utter anything. Am i right?

It is no secret that I love clothes. In fact, I am an avid fashion lover. A self- care date involve sipping a latte while reading ( yes, actually reading it) Vogue or a trip to my most favourite local boutique chasing the best new arrivals.

It is a secret, however, that back in my early twenties, I wanted to be a fashion designer. Whether I’ve encounter some major fashion faux- pas or cut up legging crisis ( and I guess we shall never know thanks to pre- social media era) - fashion has always been an important channel for creative self-expression. Fashion has help strengthen my identity ( most likely because of said bold moves and faux pas’s!). Since then, my relationship to clothing has evolved fluidly with the staged of my life.

“Clothing is a multifaceted part of our lives that can help us find confidence, power, and joy.”
- Elizabeth Suzann


Introduction @tinkerbellestyle first ever Spiritual Fashion Workshop October 3rd.

Introduction to Spiritual Fashion is part eye-opening discussions on Spiritual Fashion (see topics below) and part easy-does-it introspection practice. Expect theory but also explore brave and intuitive rituals in painting and journaling (a tweak in your closet might also be involve!).

A glimpse at Spiritual Fashion series topic of Workshop:
A new definition of beauty, the law of resonance, divine feminine icons, the colour spectrum and tweaking your closet.

Upon completion of this workshop, you will :

  1. Embrace fashion has road self-love ( the start of it, anyways!)

  2. Understand that clothing is intricately link to physical, mental and especially spiritual well-being.

  3. Expand your knowledge on historical, cultural, mainstream style icons influence and trends of our time.

  4. Get more in touch with the subtle side of life -particularly colours- and ultimately your spirituality.

  5. You will passionately believe that clothing can help you live your best life.

Estelle’s will also bring her Spiritual Closet for you to shop in!

See you there, bitches!


Transforming into the mother shape: confronting some tough little beasts


“Can I even go pee alone, ever again? Can I eat anything else but fishies and Kraft Dinner and broccoli (the ONLY veggie my child ever eats)? And most importantly, can I remember the old me? Knock, knock. Are you there?”

Most of my mothering career has been about dropping the idea of what the perfect mother looks like in my head and in my life. Imagine being in a changing room and trying on motherhood outfits, one after the other. Nope, that one doesn’t fit. No, this one ain’t right. Akk! This isn’t it.

So perhaps, after 8 years of trying to perfect the motherhood outfit, the only thing I’ve gotten better at is throwing those stupid-looking clothes and ideals on the ground. Perhaps, I can finally let go of how “good” motherhood should look on me.

In my conversation, with Jessie Harold for her MotherShift podcast, I speak of transforming into my mother shape and how I’ve had to confront some tough little beasts. I was inclined to share my story because the transition into motherhood is an arduous process and nobody talks about it. If you do talk about it, it makes you a bad mother!

 Perhaps, I can finally let go of how “good” motherhood should look on me.

I went from having a textbook perfect pregnancy and labor, to having an emergency C-section. This all in the span of 10 months. I remember going from being the most comfortable in my skin, to being cut up and angry. This is just a glimpse of what tested my physical limits. Emotionally, monsters one was in the form of deep loneliness. Monster 2 was mourning my old life (and feeling guilty for it). Monster 3 made me break apart internally, it was when I realize nursing was WAY harder than pregnancy. Oh shit. This little creature needs me all. the. TIME.

And time? A weird concept where now, I am a complete devout to my child. Can I even go pee alone, ever again? Can I eat anything else but fishies and Kraft Dinner and broccoli (the ONLY veggie my child ever eats)? And most importantly, can I remember the old me? Knock, knock. Are you there?



Can I remember the old me? Knock, knock. Are you there?

But see, with Jessie, we also discuss how motherhood shifts (yes! like the name of her beautiful offering), re-align and recalibrated everything for me.  Instead of stunting my creativity, motherhood heightened it.  Self-expression is key. Creativity after all is born in the dark. Motherhood has thought me what love is beyond time and beyond space. Don’t even get me going on how lucky I was to have tools such has yoga and art to support this tumultuous change and amplify the complex and impressive magic of motherhood. And that last part is exactly why I created SHE QUEST MEMBERSHIP.

I have been so passionate about helping mothers reclaim their power pre/ post natally because of the lack of support I’ve felt in my own unfolding journey into motherhood. We need more moms ( and fuck it… more women in general!) to trust that their motherhood outfits look fucking rad. Yes, what you put on works for you and not for me and that’s OKAY and that’s VALID. That your experience of motherhood whether it be super dark or super rosy is real.  Let them know there is no size and shape that fits all. Let them know here is only YOUR mother shape.  

Keep throwing those supposedly “good” outfits on the floors, step on them!

Make your own make-shift outfit,  get-up and GO!

Reminding all you mothers that YES.

YES, you are MAGIC .

Don’t ever let anyone ( or yourself) tell you otherwise.

Love you in confronting some tough little beasts, always.

E. xo


See the Light


A month before she passed, I interviewed Hannah on She Quest Podcast. There are sets of questions you know, I ask on my show. One of them is “what is your mantra?”. Think of a mantra as invisible string of words tattooed on you. Something you can repeat yourself.


And she said “see the light”. She said that.


Today, it seems my life was so not funny, it was funny. The cry-laugh phase, where all I wanted to do is give up and swear in slang French (they a much nastier than ‘fuck’ if you ask me). I found myself so stuck in my own b.s. I couldn’t get out.


And then, I remember Hannah’s words “see the light”. SEE THE LIGHT. See the light.


Then you know what I did? I decided to SEE THE LIGHT.  


I went for a second cup of coffee. ( one of the lucky few who had power!)

I put on a neon pink shirt. (Hannah would have approved)

I got out of my own way. ( yes, mantra’s will do that!)


If anything, both Tommy or Hannah taught me is to SEE THE LIGHT.


And also, to never, never NEVER give up.


Yours in good word tattoo’s, always

E. xo

What is your relationship to your heart?


I am no cardiologist.
But I’m a human.
I have heart.

In a generation that overuse the popular 'follow your heart' motto, in my yoga classes this Fall we will dissect your heart's situation with my Anatomy of the Yogis Heart Program . What does it really mean to 'Follow your heart!?' and how the hell can I do that !? No recipes books here, no 1, 2, 3’s. Your heart doesn’t speak english, or french. It's speaks in pulls, shoves and breaks. Sounds, symbols and stories.

The yogi's surgery requires careful practice of prana, beats and flow. It requires (but not limited to):

1) listening to your insides
2) pumping blood &sweat & tears
3) metaphorical thinking.
4) and HUMOUR (capitals needed)

WEEK 1 (first day of class at @dartmouthyogacentre tomorrow!)

Title: Tapping into the "Metta" : Metta can be loosely translated in 'loving kindness' or 'all-pervading compassion'. This week we tap into it by breathing from our feets and hands with kundalini-inspired exercises, lotus mudras, and of course backbends!

New Playlist & Essential Oils too.

Babies/Bellies also starting tomorrow!
E. ⭐️

IMG_1498 (1).jpg

The LOVE PROJECT : What are we here for?

Jessie Redmond Photography

Jessie Redmond Photography

There is always more to uncover, more to know, more to heal, more to love, more to give. Being true to oneself is a rough-and-tumble ride, full of challenges and wonders. The Jungian scholar James Hollis writes, "We are not here to fit in, to be well balanced, or provide example for others. We are here to be eccentric, different, perhaps strange, perhaps merely to add our small piece, our little clunky chunky cells, see the great mosaic of being. As the gods intended, we are here to become more and more ourselves.

"Marrow" by Elizabeth Lesser.

The Love Project Workshop is starting again this fall. Become more and more of yourself.

A privilege to witness your unfolding, always.

E. xo



She Quest Membership is OPEN!



SHE QUEST helps women embrace their power, bodies, beauty, voice and love the art that is their life.

SHE QUEST is a monthly guides opens in form of exclusive podcast, online yoga classes (access to my new yoga channel!! 😮), beautiful & mindful art exercises (access to my new art channel 😮), insightful journaling prompts and more perks {some of you already know I love giving free shit!) . First dibs on local meet- ups (first one is a Moon Painting Workshop Sept 19th) and monthly Zoom virtual calls. These are crafted each month by yours truly to better support your spiritual quest.

Deep breaths in.
When women feel well body, mind, soul.... nothing... NOTHING can stop them from thriving. 👊🏼

See you SHE QUEST !!!

Yours in changing the world, always.

E. xo

Dance it out!!

I tell my students to not wait until they feel ready to begin!
Not wait until the kids are older!
Not wait until you have time {oh ma gawd... that’s a biggie!}.
No wait until you have space!
Not wait until your “less” busy!
Not wait until you have money!
No wait until your insecurities are in check.
Not wait. Not wait!!!! You beginning something for yourself is you taking your power back.
You creating, is you embracing life and saving yourself.
And gosh, I’ve had to give myself my own pet talk tonight- on the eve of my launching my most radical, generous and futuristic offering yet.
Doors open TOMORROW.
This is BIG! 💥 💥 💥 Excited. Scared. Jitters. Perhaps am crazy enough to think every SHE is worth having the life they deserve. Perhaps am just crazy 😜
Nothing left to do now but.........
Dannnnnnnnce it out.
I was meant to do this.
Love you in high fives and dancing with girlfriends, always!
E ⭐️ #shequest #shequestcommunity#sheisinme #100daysofpaintingshe#launchday

Self-care revisited



When I choose self-care, I choose the life I want. 

I don’t think of self- care or “me time” solely as going on a retreat or having a massage or time for a hot hot bath any longer (although these things are extra nice).

I’ve begun to see self care has the thing I least want to do.

Self-care is saying yes to the life that as chosen me.

Its saying no to the things that make me feel crappy.

It’s answering the call of what excites me the most.

Its taking my power back in small increments.

It’s pressing the 3 P’s button: Permission. Passion. Peace. 

Every single one of these goddesses chose unapologetic realness that week back in France. Do you need to go to France to find this!? No! Soul connection comes from within and needs no external treatment. But France did bring expansion and release, because traveling to another country will do this to anyone.

Yes, I’ve started seeing self-care in letting go of that which no longer serves me (food, habits, thought patterns). Reframing my limiting beliefs “people like me don’t do that “ “am not good enough” to “screw it am doing it anyways!”. ( I mean who said these things to your subconscious anyways???)

Look, self-care is letting yourself engage with the world the way you were meant to engage with the world. And that’s where your giant lives! 

Basically, being on SHE Quest is loving a life you don’t not want to escape from... ever! 

Yours in goddesses as giants, always.

E ⭐️ 


Inspiration is a myth.

Carolina Andrade Photography

Carolina Andrade Photography

Inspiration does not come like a bolt, nor is it kinetic, energetic, striving, but it comes to us slowly and quietly and all the time, though we must regularly and everyday give it a little chance to start flowing, prime it with a little solitude and idleness. -Brenda Ueland 

How much do you like this quote ?! This is seriously the best kept secret of all time. There is this big taboo around quote-on-quote “creative” people. People think it’s easy for us (also the ‘us’ and ‘them’ drives me insane too but that’s for another post!). That surely they (the creative ones) have more time, space and money to do what they love. That ‘I’ and ‘them’ get inspired daily because I was miraculously born sparkly like that. This sort of thinking drives me nuts.  That I was just born like that. Pardon me? I maintain my creative force by… are you ready to hear it? Well, by working on it ALL. THE. TIME.

Everyday, I make sure I write or I paint or I make something - EVERYDAY. For me, I know 30 minutes of yoga and 30 minute of painting is ideal and realistic. On the days I think I failed, I widen my lens - I am reminded that I’ve cooked for my family today (putting a meal together is very creative!) or watered my plants (well, I have one right now!! It was however, a very meditative minute).

Inspiration is not one major ‘ah-a’ or lightening bolt that will fall by the will of grace to you if you are lucky. Dude, it’s like many mini ones. Read all about my Mindful Art philosophy HERE.

Yours in lightning bolt and joie-de-vivre, always.



You live in my chest


💛 Now that you live in my chest everywhere we sit is a mountain top... I know this one by heart from Rumi. I’ve painted the quote too, I love it so, so much.

As I looked out that day, I made sure to wink at Tommy. It was quick “hi buddy!”. I am lucky. The mountains, lake and the warm air blinked back at me. Blink. Blink. Does nature blink back at you, too?

Five years coming and am still learning how to welcome grief. Sometimes I feel expansive and weightless other time so heavy, like a truckload of rocks. But by now, at least I know that what I miss so terribly is a celebration of what I’ve love. And that this very love does goes on.

If i don’t grieve, I will harden in anger and drown in bitterness and pride. If i don’t grieve, I’d be walking dead. The choice has been to live, be generous and present and engage with the world. Drive the truck full of rocks.Full throttle. The road is full of twist and turns, construction stops etc.. Whatever I pass all of that- damn you Tommy!! I transform rocks into art. May be that’s what he wanted all along!? I’ll never know.

But what I know is that the permission to grieve Tommy makes me feel alive.

Anyways, I told Scott I wish we had brought some of Tommy ashes to sprinkle over the majestic Rockies. And then Rumi reminded me that all this didn’t matter since he lives in your chest, silly!

Your in grief as love and love as grief, always
E ⭐️


Class begins in two weeks! YAY :)

Dartmouth Yoga Centre Welcomes ALL who are willing.  15 $ drop-ins  or  96$ of 8 class pass !

Dartmouth Yoga Centre Welcomes ALL who are willing. 15 $ drop-ins or 96$ of 8 class pass!

Looking forward to starting my Wednesday line-up at Dartmouth Yoga Centre (122 Portland St, Dartmouth, NS) for a fourth year coming! First Fall session is Sept 4th - Oct 24th (8 weeks).

Parent & Baby
10:30am - 11:30am 


Dartmouth Yoga Centre

Drop-in available for all classes

HRM Parents! Join me for a Postnatal Yoga class designed to recondition the muscles challenged by pregnancy and childbirth. No previous yoga experience is required. Bring your babies along! Strengthen and restore your body and mind with other new moms and babies in this gentle, flowing, yoga practice. Strengthen abdominal muscles and release tension in the hips, shoulders and upper back. This Postnatal Yoga experience is the perfect balance of community, laughter, relaxation, and getting sweaty.

*Babies are welcome until they start to crawl.

Then Wednesday evening, I have two classes to choose from. One is for anyone willing to try yoga, and the other one is for expecting moms!

YAM: Yoga • Art • Magic
6:30pm - 7:30pm


Drop-in available for all classes

YAM: Yoga • Art • Magic is Estelle’s signature one-hour yoga class. It is unlike any other yoga class you have ever taken before. The class is introduced with a symbol and Estelle guides you to move creatively to it. She uses of mantras, mudras and fun sequencing. It is vinyasa-base and progressive style of yoga. This heart-centered yoga class (YAM is vibrational sound of your heart, after all) is designed to ignite your life and wake up your senses. If you are craving more than just a sweat: wisdom, soul talk and yoga philosophy. This class is for you.

Prenatal Yoga
7:45pm - 8:45pm


Drop-in available for all classes

HRM Moms and Mammas-to-be! My BELLIES class is renowned for guiding you to connect with your body’s innate wisdom in this most auspicious time of your life. I welcome pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy. No previous yoga experience is required. This class emphasizes poses that are ideal for pregnant women, with a focus on breathing, strength, relaxation and toning. Build the courage and strength necessary during pregnancy and labour. Work on maintaining agility that will help you recover after thebirth of your baby. This class is a great way to meet other pregnant women in Dartmouth and beyond and to connect to the life growing within you. This class will leave you feeling confident, connected and strong.

*Doctors approval needed before starting this class whether you are high-risk pregnancy or not.


Love that mindfulness is such a mainstream word these days.

Coined by the beloved author, Sharon Blackie, “BODYFULLNESS” - which I personally hope becomes common language too, someday!

We are not just a mind now, are we?

To put it simply, I am happier when I move. I think better. My brain is in less of a fog. My vision is sharper. I am less on edge. By the time I finish my dance-off, I am reinvigorated. The more I dance, the more I see that they’re is dance in everything.

I’ve been loving incorporating the dance breaks within my slower more meditative yoga practice too. I get so serious you know?

Tuesday dance off at your place, k?

Love you in cultivating bodyfullness, always.

E xo

What is true love?

Waterton National Park should be qualified as a one of the Wonders of the World!

Waterton National Park should be qualified as a one of the Wonders of the World!

For our family getaway in Alberta, Scott & I had a few days to ourselves where we road tripped to South Alberta to Waterton National Park. What a jewel of a place!

Our first night walking along the shore!

Our first night walking along the shore!

Our first night we wandered around the lakes shore and discovered the quaint Parks Village and it’s mountaineering culture.


What a sight!


Our time together inspired some reflection on the meaning of true love!

What is true love? 

Someone who calls you out on your bullshit. Because your soul needs to grow.

Someone who is kind to you fears. Because heights and snakes. 

Someone who lets you fly free. Trust is there. You’ll always come home. 

Someone to observe the mountains with, holds hands, be in awe, but never mind just that!

Someone who stives to climbs its highest peak.

Someone who through the worst days, stays.

Because #tommytinkerforever.


On the next day, we took our morning boat to Crypt Lake Hike!


17.2 km here we go!!!

Already so WOW!

Already so WOW!


The fun continues when we have to cross a cave!

70 ft long cave to go into…. no big deal!

70 ft long cave to go into…. no big deal!



After swim magic!

After swim magic!

Then the work of going doing began!

What a life I get to live with you….

What a life I get to live with you….


view for days!

The next day, we were sore! But not to sore for some tandem bike action….


Waterton National Park has our hearts.

Love you in visiting your own country, always!

E. xo