Babies and Bellies Yoga



How early after I've given birth can I join the BABIES program?

Typically, 6 weeks. Still, I've had mom comes has early has 10 days out and some not recovered until 8 week. No matter, I like that you have the okay of your doctor before starting this program so he/she can give you the 'go ahead'. 

I have twins. Can I come?

Yes, please do come.I've had lots of twin pass by the doors of Dartmouth Yoga Centre. If you want to bring help (mother, mother-in-law, babysitter) you are welcome to. But as mentioned previously, I do try to help out as much as I can. We make it work, together.

I am Dad. Can I come? 

Absolutely. After more than 6 years of experience teaching this class, I have finally had a couple of dads attend my class and it's refreshing. Everyone is welcome.

How much does it cost?

I run session which is the cheapest way to go at about $12 a class paid in bunch (8 weeks typically at a time). The class stays opens, meaning you can drop-in and try it at any point during the session for $15 per class fee.

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How old is to old for a baby to attend BABIES class?

Typically, 1 years old. Still, some babies stop coming at 9 months and other still come at 16 month. It depends on a few things. The activity level of your baby is one. Some 9 months old are already walking (and climbing!!) so it makes it challenging for mom to do anything.Other babies, are still chill at 13 & 14 months and parent can still get a decent class in. It also depends on how comfortable you are having baby socialize with other babies. I do try to help out as much as I can so you get a workout in. 

How does the class work? 

Dartmouth Yoga Centre is located at 122 Portland St (on top of Dartmouth Yarn). Parking is on Portland St or on the side street by way of meters. Typically, we put the baby on a blanket and if sleeping, your baby can stay in its car seat. Bring your stroller in. Baby could be sleeping the whole time, and if not it's a bit of a stop and go class. I like to teach the class with focus on mom & dad and getting back in your body after the exhaustion of pregnancy and/or sleepy nights etc. The class includes a community sharing, baby massage and mantras for relaxation.