One Day Initiation 

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Have you noticed that your yoga classes  has become strictly physical?

That it focuses on sweating, chaturangas and acrobatics?

May be you don’t even know that yoga is more than a physical exercise?

Let’s be real,  the richness and depth of what yoga has to offers is lacking in most classes ….. everywhere! Tragedy!

As a yoga teacher, have you ever tried to share something deep, yoga philosophy or other, visual imageries, myths with your studentship? Have you stopped doing that because you can feel their "imaginary crossed arms, clenched jaw and inner eye rolling?

The yoga room as become sterile and stripped from tradition.

What I am hearing lately from the yoga community is that teachers feel less and less confident sharing human stories, yoga philosophy, myths & self-transformation terminology with their student. The yoga room as become sterile and stripped from tradition.


My One Day Initiation training teaches you:

  • Learn to teach confidently and authentically.

  • Simple ‘how-to” skills to teach a soul-inspiring class for our current climate.

  • Thematic Integration in a yoga class: learn how to instruct a yoga class using intentions & the power of visual imagery.

  • Beauty, Resonance and the art of holding space for our students.

  • Fortify your commitment to your craft and use this day as an initiation to the inner journey of your soul.


Estelle loves to help yoga teachers, school teachers, therapist and other health profession discover fun and accessible way to share yoga philosophies, symbol and stories without freaking anyone out!


Expect: rekindle courage, inspiration, connecting the dots, shares, discussion, introspection, creative work.

This is a MUST training if you are registered in the Yoga Mentorship Program but you do not have to be part of Mentorship to attend!

When: New Date Coming Soon
Where: Dartmouth Yoga Centre 

{122 Portland Street, parking is free on Sundays}
Time Commitment: 9am - 4 pm
Cost: $149 CAD