21 Daily Creative Leaps Online Art Class - Painting Your Grief

21 Daily Creative Leaps Online Art Class - Painting Your Grief


Next Series: Nov. 11- Dec. 1, 2016
Workshop Cost: $21
Materials Needed: Watercolour paints, paint brush, paper (approx. $15)
Level: Beginner

This 21 days of Creative Leaps Program has been reverberating for a while now still. Two years ago, I lost my son, Thomas Knox. Tommy was only two years old when he passed, but the echo of his life resonates deep has I type these words.

This online art program is about loss- yes-  but I want this program to be about painting your pain in general. What are you sad about?  What do you or have you to mourn? Do you wake up in a funk most days? In psychology, we call this our shadow side. This darkest side is usually hidden and comprises of your fears, sadness and discomfort. What if I told you that it is by sitting with the gloomiest part of you that you’d be able to see the shiniest part of you?

Can you sit and paint for 5 minutes a day and get to feel the centermost part of you?

I hope you join me on this colorful journey, where we are all born artists- makers of all things beautiful. The choice is yours to get up, show up and live fully!  


  • Being added to a Secret Facebook group of like-minded creative individual
  • Being added to a secret membership site through the Estelle Thomson website
  • I will guide you each day with a subject, inspiration and painting prompt.
  • You will connect with others in the challenge by sharing your journey. Extra's will include unique video session, original lessons & overall artful fun!!
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