Creative Mentorship 

Estelle's Creative Mentorship starts MONTHLY.

What is the Creative Mentorship ?

This is a  3-part course over the course of 3 months. Creative Mentorship focuses on making art everyday and soul transformation. This program is self-directed and a potent, personal development program.  The Creative Mentorship includes an online course-site packed with resource and a support Facebook Group with active and non-active member of the past and present mentorship co-hort.  



I would be honoured to personally instruct you through my creative mentorship program and bring you to experience the full-spectrum magic to doing more of what you LOVE!

You are in the right place if you :

  • You want to explore your creativity. You are a yearning for 'more'. 
  • You wish you had someone to guide you. You feel stuck. 
  • You are ready to let go of what isn’t working in your (creative) life. 
  • You are searching for ways to connect with your artist within. 
  • You are ready to claim your intuition
  • You are ready to change your self-critic to self-acceptance
  • Are ready to live more fully, boldly & to love more fearlessly. Are You Ready? 

Are You Ready? 

The program starts with a 3-month commitment.

After the initial two-month: it is a monthly renewed commitment. You decide how long you want to stay in this.

During the first month: 

  • You received a LOG IN to the course platform. The platform includes literature, material checklists, life inquiry exercises & creative tasks. We settle in and schedule a one-on-one Zoom call. 
  • You choose your two(2)  21 days of Creative Leaps Course 

During the second month

  • Assignment of your  Sacred Symbols Card and more creative exercise has you unfold in new ways.   This is a powerful experience!

During the third month

  • Final project in form of painting, writing, collage or other. The project is a reminder of how far you have come. 


Investment : 299$