Creative Membership 

Estelle's Next Creative LEAPS Membership starts in SEPTEMBER 2018 and OPENS for registration August 20th. 

What is the Creative Leaps Membership or Estelle's "LEAPERS" Group ?

The next membership is a series of four Creative Leaps over six months that includes a monthly live chats, secret FB group, Creativity maintenance exercises and lifestyle hacks to live your most creative life. Membership is currently closed and will reopen again for registration August 20th 2018. Take an individual course now and see what Creative Leaps are all about! 

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I would be honoured to personally instruct you through my creative leaps membership program and bring you to experience the full-spectrum magic to doing more of what you LOVE!

You are in the right place if you :

  • You want to explore your creativity. You are a yearning for 'more'. 
  • You wish you had someone to guide you. You feel stuck. 
  • You are ready to let go of what isn’t working in your (creative) life. 
  • You are searching for ways to connect with your artist within. 
  • You are ready to claim your intuition
  • You are ready to change your self-critic to self-acceptance
  • Are ready to live more fully, boldly & to love more fearlessly. Are You Ready? 

Are You Ready? 

The program starts SEPTEMBER 2018.

Once you commit ( cool, shit!) 

You received a LOG IN/Passwrod to the course platform. The platform includes literature, material checklists, life inquiry exercises & creative tasks and schedule of Facebook Live Lessons.