Art & Yoga Academy


SHE Quest Membership

A soul connection, online monthly guide for women.

SHE Quest Membership is a program that accesses our human need for connection, self-expression and beauty. Estelle educates and empowers modern soulful women to carve pockets of time to implement real life mindful, "bodyful", and artful rituals in their life and home.


Yoga Channel

From helping you through basic physical yoga skills or propelling you into deeper spiritual realms of yoga, Estelle's new Yoga Channel is infused with intuition, body awareness, intention, music and art. With new classes and programs available twice monthly you are sure to unfold in new ways.


Art Channel

If you are a breathing, living human being: YOU ARE AN ARTIST. In Estelle's new art class portal, explore techniques in mindfulness combined with watercolour painting where we work on on regulating, re-educating and re-wiring our brains with fun and engaging coursework.