Hi! I'm Estelle 

I am a Nova Scotia based visual artist, author and yoga teacher.


Art & Yoga

I teach ART & YOGA to people of all ages. Women (mostly), parents and youth of all ages both locally and internationally

From helping you through basic physical yoga skills or propelling you into the deeper spiritual realms of yoga; my ART & YOGA classes are infused with intuition, bravery, body awareness, intentions, music, visual imagery - to name a few of my Magic Tools.

 I teach you that breath (yoga) and beauty (art) can be the entrance into the wonders of your life. I teach you to repeatedly show up on your mat and canvas- as it is- right here and right now. Rolling down my yoga mat and getting my paint brushes wet has managed to help me unfold and open up to life, transform me in new ways- now it's time to share all that good stuff to ... YOU!

Critical to all my art and yoga offerings is the underlying philosophy that you possess magic powers. That you get to be the influencer of your own life. That if you dare to face the dark stuff, you get to harness the good stuff. In that way, you get to step into your own power for good. Casting the best damn spells!  Knowing all is within, not without. 


if you dare to face the dark stuff, you get to harness the good stuff.

My roots are in dance, yoga, mindful art, psychology, yoga philosophy, mindfulness and the mystery of inspiration. Personally, creative movement, mindful art and self-exploration have been sources of tremendous healing. My calling to share this with others has been clear since I began painting at age of 13.

I have earned my B.A. in Psychology from the University of Victoria and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Yorkville University. I have been teaching movement arts for over 8 years which as accumulated well over 2000 hours of yoga teaching experience with kids, adults, seniors, mental health, trauma survivors and one-on- one private classes work. I am trained in Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Advance Yoga Psychology and Trauma- Informed Yoga for self- regulation and transitions. I have completed a Creatively Fit Coaching, a program focused on helping people find more creativity in their lives. I combine 20+ years of painting and yoga experience to infuse my teaching with profound integration of body, mind and soul.



I  also mentor yoga teachers and creatives with online and engaging coursework. I guide you to widen your perspective on what it means to be a yogi in YOUR life and what it means to be an artist in YOUR life. I teach you daily reflections and rituals. I refresh your inspiration for teaching and making beautiful things through my Yoga Mentorship and Online Mindful Art Classes.


The Grief Project

I am also the author of the Grief Project an online hub for people who are going through life transitions. Since loosing my little guy- Tommy - capturing my grief in pictures, quotes and words has been the journey of my rising in grief- as I have learnt early on that missing him wont ever stop. 

Grief changed everything from me. It turned life around. It helped me appreciate the mundane. Feeling my heart beating and the fact that I have blood in my veins and thats a big thing and we take that for granted all the time, small things. And that’s what Tommy left me- biggest legacy- bold life. And freedom from it all.



Through years of guiding women circles and working closely with expectant mothers – I saw a need for a platform where women could shamelessly and unapologetically celebrate who they are. I wanted someone to do something about the fact that they're is no where for us to connect safely. I took matter in my own hands and decided to put together: SHE QUEST.

SHE QUEST is the movement I always wanted to be part of. It was inspired and guided my SHE 100 day of painting project, the many courageous women I've encountered in yoga classes and my own attempt to heal and find my voice. SHE QUEST   mission is to access our human need for connection, self expression and beauty. I believe we crave these things!

Through prompts, journalling and artwork, SHE Quest is a calling to live an intentional life, a fierce life. How can I celebrate the ONE life I have been given? How can I rise in womanhood. 

Have you heard of SHE QUEST SUMMER SCHOOL? 

SHE QUEST, SHE PAINT WORKSHOPS, SHE LUNCHES ,SHE DECKS and brand new SHE QUEST SUMMER SCHOOL helps channel and help women embrace their bodies, cultivate inner peace, reorganize their identity and step in full in their power.

It is a celebration on what it means to be a women in this world today. A step forward in living aware and awake.


My mission for you

is to experience art & yoga (my two most favourite thing on earth!) as a way to unleash freedom and joy within.

Is to re-educate our culture on how to grieve. Widen our country and communities lens on what it means to be an artist and yogi in your life. WE ARE ALL BORN ARTISTS. WE ARE ALL BORN YOGIS.

Feeling 'blah' physically or emotionally is no way to live a life. How can I harness the darkness as gifts.

I believes that through Art & Yoga you can tap into your own magic, unearth joy and be at peace.

I wish it for you.


Feeling 'blah' physically or emotionally is no way to live a life.


 Quiz Time!!! 

The one food I cannot live without.... Is wine a food?

My husband can be describe as.....A boat-building, surfer-loving kinda guy!

Most likely to binge watch.... Outlander!! Omg, is Season 4 out yet??

On my days off I ....... Go biking with my 7 year old Isaiah! 

My go to outfit is........ High waisted jeans, striped shirt & bow. I love flowy dresses, bold jewellery pieces, big rings and crowns. Don't even get me started on overalls and jumpsuits- I love them all. Yoga clothes are for work....fashion is for play and I am one stylish bitch. 

Bucket list....Write a memoir! ride an elephant in India! Double high-five Oprah!




PAST & CURRENT INFLUENCES. ( coming soon!)