Day 64/100 #100daysofpaintingSHE

Day 64/100 #the100dayproject 🔻It’s in creating and in breathing mindfully, that I feel a my fairyesque. It's in the act of making that I am healing, processing and connecting to magic {or breath, same thing if you ask me}. Creativity makes your heart take flight. It gives you wings. 
And it does happen. Really think about breathing deeply and simply: your lungs expand and your heart revs up. When you paint with joy and permission, your brain creates new connections and you are accessing endless imagination. In this very physical and emotional manner you are opening up to life! You are unfolding in new ways.
Can you see this connecting to the present moment as an invitation to reclaim all aspect of who you are? The ability to take flight is yours. SHE is yours, in all forms: goddess, warrior, sister. #100daysofpaintingshe#artiste #artistepeintre #peintre #artlife#artheals #artartart #expressyourself#estellethomsonart #estellethomsonyoga#fairieart #creativityheals

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