Day 46/100 #100daysofpaintingSHE

Day 46/ 100 #the100dayproject : 35+ women are embarking on the 21 days of Creative Leaps Journey that's starting with me today. Today, they are painting a DOOR. 
If you have a deep scar that is a door, if you have an old, old story that is a door. {…} If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.
I invited the sister tribe to use their painting practice as a sort of door in their life, in the same ways you use a door to enter any room in your house. A door has a gateway and passage, helping you to step into a new room and environment.
The more I paint about what it means to stand on this earth as a woman, the more I realize that ‘SHE’ is constantly moving. She is dark, fluid, nonsensical, messy and in constant motion.
Painting your Feminine Magic then would mean that it will look more like a passage, a clearing, unleashing, unlocking
(of your Shakti power). This is a course about women’s stories, symbols and myths. This course is to help you set a daily ritual of art in mindfulness and wake the IMRAMMA of your own life. 
In order to assist you in this quest, I need you as you are!
You do not need to have any specific education, economic class, culture, heritage or adhere to a certain lifestyle.
Whether you love the opposite sex, same sex or both.
Whether you go to church or you are a strict atheist.
Whether you are driven like no other or simply trying to
make it through another day.
SHE belongs to you. 
SHE is in you. 
SHE belongs to all women. SHE is yours, in all forms: goddess, warrior, sister. Whether today is Day 46/ 100 or DAY 1/21 Paint the door of your own rising.