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Weekly Yoga

Comment with a 🦄 if you use to take my yoga classes like, 9 years ago?! How bad was it 😂🤪 !?!?! Think of the worse things that could possibly happen to a yoga teacher and I swear it’s happened to me 🙈. Perhaps loving yoga so freaking much saved me from quitting!

See, I’ve always wanted my fiery passion to permeate in your understanding of what yoga really is. I had not one but two teacher trainings and back then and it wasn’t happening. That was frustrating. I knew yoga wasn’t all just physical. Feelings and the spiritual dimension of yoga is (most of the time) left out of the classroom. Hello 👋 That’s completely bypassing what yoga really stands for 🤷🏻‍♀️. For me, this is the tragedy of many public classes offered today. Body, mind and soul is yoga and I remember wanting for you to experience that and know that and live that but I just didn’t have the tools in me yet. 
Oh, and add to that that I wanted to do it ALL perfect 🥴. My addiction to perfection stumped my growth, paralyzed my moving forward and got me stuck in my craft and quite frankly- life. It’s then that I decided to work with @whitneyfreya , @ashleyturner1 , @elenabrower , @prajnayoga , @halayoga , @rebeccathoughts and many, many more because real progress on the yogi path are difficult, perhaps impossible without a teacher.

Check out my July 4-days Summer Initiation and 3-month Fall Yoga Teachers Mentorship Program where I teach you how to implement intentions, visual imagery, storytelling and poetry in your yoga classes in a way that is not forced or fake. These programs are 4 years in the making! Teachers, its time. Let’s bring SOUL back to the classroom. 💪🏼 Love you in saying “hello, fear”, always.
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Weekly Yoga Classes at the Dartmouth Yoga Centre feature Yoga Art Magic (YAM), Estelle’s signature one hour yoga class, as well as Prenatal and Parent & Babies. 

Creative Leaps


Mindful Art Classes that get you painting 21 Days on a specific theme so you can tap into your creativity and create space in your busy life.

Up Next : Whales & Mermaids

The Love Project Workshop

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This 4-part workshop will explore the power of art and yoga to build physical and emotional resiliency during all parts of life, including transitions and grief.



“This time is upon us. If we want to rise with the power {...} and presence and not just with the rage of our emotions we have to do the inner work.”